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Our terms and conditions may be changed at any time. You the site user are responsible for keeping up to date with the latest terms and conditions.


Talent Status not only provides online opportunities for you to apply for work as a freelancer but it also gives you the opportunity to be submitted for work via our sister agency.

Talent Status is only intended for those who do not have exclusive sole representation. By registering to Talent Status you agree to Talent Status and our sister agency to representing you as your agent where necessary including jobs that have been sourced to you exclusively via our agency.
You confirm that the category you have selected on your profile that you are a working professional of this category and will be submitted for jobs within this category.

All work will be paid at an agreed rate, either hourly, half day, full day or buy out rate, unless otherwise stated and a percentage will be deducted towards agency fees, these will vary between 10%-20%. 

Commission charges
Monies earned under £500 - 10%
Monies earned £500-£1000 - 15%
Monies earned over £1000 - 20%

All bookings are based on a 10 hr working day plus 1 hr lunch - overtime is charge at 20% per hr of the BSF. It is an artists responsibility to keep track of their timings.

Appropriate usage fees./buyout fees are paid if necessary.  It is the discretion of the artiste whether to accept any work on offer.

Payment, Usage and Buyout Fees
The Artist instructs that all payments shall be made to Talent Status or our sister agency. No payments shall become due until receipt by Production of an appropriate invoice, payment terms shall be 30 to 60 days thereafter.
The Usage/Buyout fee  shall not be applicable until confirmation of first use and if the artist is recognisable in the final edit. In the event the materials are not used by the Client or the performance of the Artist is removed, the usage/buyout fee shall not be paid. The decision rests with the production company and Talent Status will not be held liable for these decisions.

*When applying for castings all of your information and contact details will be forwarded onto the client.

*Subscribers photos and profiles will be made public if all images and profiles meet our standards and requirements. Images must be of a professional quality and your primary images must be a professional headshot. Profiles are not made public until these requirements are met.
  Subscribers can choose whether or not they wish to have their contact details made public. You agree that anyone may contact you through the site.

* We accept no responsibility for the content of any opportunity or advertisers contact information that is featured on this web site and make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the accuracy, reliability or validity of such information. We shall not be held liable or accept and responsibility for any copyright issues.

* The jobs rest with the casting directors and employers and are affected by the state of the industry as a whole. We cannot guarantee that employers who view your profile will call you in for an audition or that you will be offered the
position after audition. 

It is illegal to post this information on any public websites, twitter or social networking sites. You can be banned from Talent Status and face legal action if you violate these terms.

* Talent Status does not accept any responsibility for any loss .or expense, consequential or otherwise, that may be incurred as a direct or indirect result of using the facilities of the talentstatus web site or any information contained thereon.

*Talent Status does not hold responsibility in the accuracy of their members information. We shall not be liable under any circumstances for the actions of any member featured on this site.

*Talent Status is not liable and will not be held responsible for the innacuracy of testimonials featured on the site.

*We have the right to remove your profile and terminate your subscription if you breach these terms and conditions or if we feel that it is appropriate to do so.

* Any information that you submit by registering your details on the site will be deemed not confidential.

*We reserve the right to increase fees and change prices at any time.

*In an event of our website being restricted or delayed we will not be liable for damages or costs during these circumstances.


As a user of the website and services you agree to release, indemnify and keep indemnifies us from and against all actions, claims, costs (including legal costs and expenses) losses, proceedings,damages, liabilities or demands suffered or incurred by us to any person arising out of or in connection with your use of our services.


If you are a registered paying subscriber you must agree to the following

Payment options:

Subscribers who choose the monthly option - you agree to having £9.99 automatically deducted from your account every month.

Subscribers who choose the 3 month option - you agree to having £24.99 automatically deducted from your account every  3 months.

Subscriber who choose the 6 month option - you agree to having £39.99 automatically deducted from your account every 6 months.

Subscribers who choose the annual option - you agree to having £59.99 deducted from your account annually.

*We are under no obligation to refund your subscription fee especially if subscribers do not  cancel before their next payment is due. Subscribers are responsible for cancelling their subscription and payments if they wish to do so. Talent Status does not hold responsibility for cancelling payments. Subscribers are advised to cancel their subscription a day or two before the next payment is due in order not to lose their account earlier.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and pressing the cancel subscription button or if you are paying via the Paypal method please cancel your recurring payment plan on your Paypal account..

Please note deleting your account - pressing the delete button DOES NOT cancel your subscription. This is a danger zone and will delete your profile but your subscription will remain active. In order to cancel your subscription log in to your account and press the cancel subscription button.

You are advised to wait 30 days after you cancel your subscription for all payments to be made dormant. If you DELETE your profile before the 30 days no refunds will be made.

If  the artist does accept an assignment  negotiated by Talent Status or TSG CASTING in its capacity as agent for the Artist, the Artist shall:
Notify the booking agent or a member of production if they are running late.
Attend an assignment with clean natural hair and nails.
Whilst on set (and at all other material times) behave in a professional manner and complete their assignment
Co-operate with the Production Company’s reasonable instructions and accept the direction, supervision and control of any responsible person in the Production Company’s organisation;
The artist accepts that they are liable for any production losses if they fail to abide by the above terms and any charges made by the production will be deducted from monies owed to the artist.


You acknowledge that by publishing information  and images on this website you grant to us royalty free, perpetual and irrevocable worldwide license to use the information both within the site and in any other manner, ie across all forms of social media/online including Talent Status Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
Any material submitted by you through the website may be read and used by and utilised for marketing purposes indefinitely